Valkyries of Vela

QUAKE in FEAR as belligerent bugs beleaguer our BELOVED citizens!
CHEER in EXCITEMENT as our brave gals show the bugs WHAT FOR!

The Valkyries of Vela have come to save the day, and they need YOU!

The Valkyries of Vela is a tabletop game themed around the Golden Age of Sci-Fi and the exciting adventures of tabletop-style dungeon crawling. Players will form a party of up to five members of the Valkyries of Vela Special Forces. They will be armed with skills as sharp as their wits and wonderful weapons like rayguns, miniguns and Very Sharp Knives. Each will have their own special talents and stats which will be their key to survival. Down in the caverns you will find traps and monsters, but also items to help you, dropped by previous explorers. You will choose a class to take into the underground burrows of alien monsters known only as ‘Bugs’. You will then randomly select tiles and reveal the caverns ahead of you. You will be given a randomised objectives and have to fight through hordes of alien monsters to complete them. Can you rescue the stranded Velan scientist, Lucas the Loquacious? Can you place the demo charges necessary to bring down the hive cluster? Can you kill the Monstrous Matriarch of the bugs*? When it’s all over, whether you enjoy the spoils of victory or the bitter taste of defeat, roll a new character, explore a new dungeon and start all over again! Optimal play time is an hour. *Power Loaders not included. Keep an eye out for further DLC.

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Table of Contents

The following games were all made in one month, around the theme "Golden Era of Sci Fi" by 15 different teams of creators. They can be played in any order, and do not take place in the same universe. Make sure you have Unity Web Player installed, you will need it to play most of these. Jam produced by Zoe Quinn & Alexander Lifschitz.