Welcome abord the SpaceY ISST Kelvin on our non-stop flight from Mars to Gliese 667C. As per interstellar flight regulations, we require all devices be turned off or in standby mode during entering and exiting near-light-speed travel. This flight is estimated to take approximately 29 years. Your percieved flight time will be approximately half an hour. The weather on Gliese 667C at the time of arrival is expected to be "temperate".

If you've travelled with us before, you may notice that suspension pods are no longer being used for interstellar travel. Thanks to advances in singularity drive technology, passengers are now free to move around the vessel during transit. You may also choose to use this time reading up on your destinations recent history, which will be updated as we travel thanks to our long range singularity communications network. In addition, our partnership with FriendPage allows for access to the popular social media network, so you can catch up on all the news from home.

Welcome to Gliese 667C. The local time is 4:43pm 26th April 2071, and the temerature is a mild 27oC. We hope you've enjoyed your time with us, and choose to fly SpaceY in the future.
















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